Question: How do you say common phrases in Thai?

What does BOI BOI mean in Thai? The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) or The Office of the Board of Investment is an agency of the Government of Thailand. Its mission is to promote foreign investment in Thailand by providing information, services, and incentives to interested foreign investors.

What does Mai Chai mean in Thai?

Chai/Mai chai/Mai ow: Yes/No/No thanks. Chai is yes. Mai chai is no. Mai at the start of a sentence negates the meaning. So it literally means no yes.

What does Sabai Dee Mai mean?

How are you? SABAI DEE MAI? This is a phrase that is used to ask “How are you?” In casual situations, it can be a greeting similar to “Whats up?” The response is easy.

What is the common greeting in Thailand?

When being introduced or greeting someone, men say Sawatdee-krap and women say Sawatdee-kah. Thais greet each other with a wai. Foreigners are not expected to initiate the wai gesture, but it is an insult not to return the wai. If a wai is not offered to you, shake hands with men and smile and nod to women.

How do you say 8 in Thai?

The Thai language has its own set of numerals, although the standard Arabic/Western numerals are much more commonly encountered .Numbers 1 to 10.Arabic NumeralsThai NumeralsPronunciation7๗เจ็ด jèt8๘แปด bpàet9๙เก้า gâo10๑๐สิบ sìp7 more rows

What is a BOI company?

What is a BOI company? The Thailand Board of Investment is a government body aimed at encouraging foreign investment in Thailand. A Thai company can enjoy a range of benefits from being certified by the BOI.

What does Naruk mean?

The prefix na is the equivalent of the English suffix able - thus naruk means lovable, adorable, or cute. Show a Thai girl a photo of a lion cub, a live puppy, or a stuffed animal, and she is liable to squeal naruk! shortly before embracing or scratching the naruk things nose.

How do you say zero in Thai?

0:238:05[Learn Thai] How to Say Numbers 0-10 with the Correct PronunciationYouTube

How do you say 1000 in Thai?

So we know that one thousand (1,000) in Thai is pan (พัน). For the number ten thousand (10,000), you would say meuun (หมื่น).

What is BOI approval?

Under Sec. 17 of the BOI Law, BOI is empowered to approve projects and enter into agreements with enterprises granting exemptions from laws such as Customs, subject to fulfilment of the investment threshold or any other specified requirement.

What is BOI privilege?

• Non-‐Tax privileges such as permission to own land, permission to bring foreign expert to work on the promoted projects, exemption on foreign ownership of companies and exemption from work permit and visa rules. • Regardless to locations and activities, Non-‐Tax privileges are available to all BOI-‐promoted. projects

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