Question: Can you call on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Once a bagel and coffee gets matched, they have a private line they can communicate through. This way they can text without giving each others real phone number. There are 2 different ways different bagels approach this situation. He skipped the whole texting process and jumped right into the phone call stage.

Does Coffee Meets Bagel require phone number?

Coffee Meets Bagel is introducing a new way to sign up for an account, which doesnt require a Facebook login. From August 20th, new CMB members will be able to verify their accounts using a phone number.

Does the girl have to start the conversation on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Each day at noon, men receive 21 bagels that they can like or pass on. At the same time, women are shown the men who liked them and they can choose to complete the match or pass. By preventing messaging to start until the woman decides she thinks its a good match, the app provides a “Ladies Choice” mentality.

Why Does Coffee Meets Bagel need my phone number?

If a phone number has too high of a risk score, Coffee Meets Bagel may reject requests for an account from that number. Competing dating app Bumble also allowed users to start signing up with a phone number four months ago, following the Cambridge Analytica news.

Is Coffee Meets Bagel any good?

Coffee Meets Bagel is a pretty straightforward dating app, which is great! However, it also means there isnt an overwhelming amount of features. We think that CMB definitely gets the job done, even if they dont have dozens of features like other apps. Especially since many of their features are really stellar!

How does coffee and bagels work?

Every day around noon, well deliver your bagels to the main section of CMB: Suggested. After looking through your bagels profile and pictures, you can like or politely pass on them. If you like your bagel, and your bagel has already liked you, its a match! You can start chatting right away.

How long do likes last on Coffee Meets Bagel?

You have 24 hours to either “like” or “pass” on a persons profile. If you both hit like, you can start chatting with each other. But theres a catch – the CMB texting platform is only available for 7 days.

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