Question: How do I identify my Silvertone guitar?

Look behind the headstock and on the base of the neck. If there is a four-digit serial number, which the vast majority of Silvertone instruments have, you can use it to find the guitars age.

Why do guitarists have so many guitars?

Its because every guitar has a different sound. Some guitars sound better suited for certain songs. For example, I wouldnt dream of using, say, a Jackson with emgs (or any guitar with emgs) for playing a blues song, as they are better suited for metal playing.

What guitars did slash use?

Studio guitars For studio sessions, Slash almost exclusively uses a 1959 Les Paul Standard replica made by Kris Derrig. It is with this instrument that he recorded almost all parts of Guns N Roses, Slashs Snakepit, Velvet Revolver and solo albums.

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