Question: Who was involved in the Albury Wodonga pilot scheme?

Embarking on what was deemed an exciting adventure, the Albury–Wodonga pilot scheme involved three governments – the Commonwealth, NSW and Victoria.

Who discovered Albury?

* On 16 November, 1824 explorers Hamilton Hume and William Hovell reached the future site of Albury. They carved some observations into the trunks of two trees.

What is Albury Wodonga known for?

Mixing heritage with modern culture, Albury Wodonga blends country pace and city lifestyle with its offerings of historical buildings, cultural events, vibrant shopping precincts and tree-lined gardens.

What is the combined population of Albury Wodonga?

Albury has an urban population of 49,172 and is separated from its twin city in Victoria, Wodonga, by the Murray River. Together, the two cities form an urban area with a population of 93,603 at June 2018.

Who is the CEO of Albury Wodonga Health?

Michael Kalimnios - Michael Kalimnios - Chief Executive Officer - Albury Wodonga Health | LinkedIn.

How many beds does Albury hospital have?

Albury Wodonga Health (AWH) is the regional referral hospital for North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales. Formed in July 2009 following the amalgama on of Albury Base Hospital and Wodonga Regional Health Service , AWH comprises 286 beds over two acute sites and provides a broad range of clinical services.

Is wodonga a good place to live?

Wodonga offers high quality schools and tertiary institutes, leading health care facilities and practitioners, superb recreation infrastructure, and a wide range of tourism attractions. If youre after everything a city has to offer, with a relaxed country life at your door, Wodonga may be the ideal city for you.

What is the Aboriginal name for Albury?

Bungambrawatha Previously known as Bungambrawatha, or homeland, by the Wiradjuri people, the name of the region was later changed to Albury in 1838 when the Assistant Surveyor General decided that this new name would sound more familiar to the ears of European Settlers.

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