Question: Is the Romeo and Juliet law in California?

Although there is no Romeo and Juliet law in California, a criminal defense lawyer can help you develop a defense to statutory rape. If you are facing a statutory rape charge in California, you need an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer to protect your rights and freedom.

Does CA have Romeo and Juliet laws?

California has partial Romeo and Juliet laws in place. These laws prevent you from being charged with felony statutory rape if you are no more than three years in age apart from the alleged victim. However, you could still face misdemeanor statutory rape charges under these circumstances.

Can an 18 year old date a 15 year old in California?

In a Nutshell: Sex between an 18 year-old and a 15 year-old is illegal in California, meaning any touching of “private parts” of either, even with consent of both parties (and perhaps even the parents of each teenager) is illegal in California because the age of consent is 18.

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