Question: How do I meet people in Charlotte NC?

Does Charlotte NC have good nightlife?

Charlottes nightlife is magnetic. When the sun goes down, the city buzzes with born-to-be-famous local musicians, energetic dance floors, speakeasies serving up carefully crafted cocktails, breweries overflowing with local suds and more. Theres something for every personality in every pocket of the city.

Where can I hang out in Charlotte?

Best hipster hangouts in Charlotte, NC7th Street Public Market. 2.2 mi. 255 reviews. Snug Harbor. 1.9 mi. 69 reviews. Craft Tasting Room and Growler Shop. 2.2 mi. 207 reviews. Camp North End. 3.5 mi. Noda Company Store. 3.8 mi. The Evening Muse. 3.9 mi. Seoul Food Meat Company. 2.2 mi. The Peace Pipe. 3.2 mi.More items

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