Question: How is Ramayana dated?

The story of Shri Rams life was first narrated by Maharishi Valmiki in the Ramayan which was written after Shri Ram was crowned as the king of Ayodhya, Maharishi Valmiki had a great sense of astronomy as he has made sequential astronomical references on important dates related to the life of Shri Ram indicating the

How old is Ramayana from now?

This editing took place over 600 years from 2,300 years ago to 1,700 years ago. In other words, the epic we have now is seen as the work of multiple, not single, authors. Regional versions came much later: Tamil Ramayana is about 1,000 years old, Hindi Ramayana and Mahabharata about 500.

How many years did Rama live?

If we accept that Ram indeed lived during the last phase of the 24th Treta Yuga then it can be calculated that he lived 1,81,49,108 years ago. But if we accept that he lived in the Treta of the present 28th cycle of Chaturyugi then he lived 8,69,108 years ago.

Did Vanaras really exist?

This leads us to the conclusion that the vanaras were simply a race of men who lived in the forest. As I said earlier, in all likelihood the vanaras were but a myth. But there is some evidence to say that they did exist; either as a tribe of humans or some other species of hominid.

At which year kalyug will end?

428,899 CE Lasting for 432,000 years (1200 divine years), Kali Yuga began 5,122 years ago and has 426,878 years left as of 2021 CE. Kali Yuga will end in the year 428,899 CE.

Does Jain believe in RAM?

Rama becomes a Jain monk and his soul attains moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death).

How many died in Ramayana?

It was estimated that 50 million people died in that war.

Is Ram Setu still there?

The existence of the Ram Setu has been mentioned in the Hindu mythology Ramayana, but there has been no scientific proof yet that it is a man-made bridge. Temple records seem to suggest that Adams Bridge or the Ram Setu was completely above sea level till 1480.

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