Question: How do you let someone know they are flaky?

How do you politely tell someone they are flaky?

1:145:01Say This When Someone Is Flaky! How to Deal With Flaky People In a YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipWe reinforce bad behavior that way thats why flakiness has become such a big thing because when youMoreWe reinforce bad behavior that way thats why flakiness has become such a big thing because when you match indecisiveness with lack of accountable.

What do you say to a flaky person?

Just say the truth: “I like you, and I would like to build a friendship with you — but when you flake out on me, I feel disappointed and disrespected. I understand that we only have 24 hours in every day.

How can you tell if someone is flaky?

Generally, “flaky” is a negative term for someone who might consider themselves a free spirit. Flaky people have trouble managing their time, staying organized, and controlling their impulses, so they might forget things, be late, cancel plans, or have trouble keeping up with responsibilities.

What does flaking mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to separate into flakes also : to peel in flakes. 2 or flake out, informal : to fail or neglect to do or participate in something previously scheduled, agreed upon, or assigned Hed disappear, then text, disappear, and then text again.

What is a flaky guy?

Few things are more annoying than when someone flakes out on plans. And if youre crushing on someone whos flaky (meaning they habitually blow you off, disappear, and keep you waiting), then you probably know all too well how annoying a flaky guy and girl can be.

Is being flaky a good thing?

They may leave loose ends and sometimes move too quickly, but they leave a beneficial surplus of ideas and energy in their wake that gets picked up by others. Good flaky shifts attention rapidly but “ships” just as rapidly. Flaky can be a bad thing too. Bad flaky shifts attention rapidly and never “ships” anything.

How do you set boundaries with flaky people?

Dont allow anyone to disrespect your time.Template 1 | The Sarcastic Approach. So, I guess Ill see you there, then. Template 2 | Tell Them Theyve Upset You. Template 3 | Ask if Theyve Made Other Plans. Template 4 | Give Them the Benefit of the Doubt. Template 5 | Be Brutally Honest. Template 6 | Kill Them With Kindness.

What is the process of flaking?

Flaking refers to the separating of small, thin pieces of a coating from the underlying layer, such as wood, canvas, or metal. It can also occur at stone surfaces, resulting in the detachment of small, thin scales of stone.

Is it rude to be flaky?

We dont want to think that flaky friends are being malicious (even on a subconscious level), but the truth is, the spontaneous, “free-spirit” behavior known as “flaking out” isnt really all that benign. But flaky behavior doesnt just hurt the flakes.

What is a flaky?

If you are flaky, you are off-beat and you probably dont function in society quite like everyone else. If you say youll come to a party and then forget to show up, you are flaky. People are flaky (also spelled flakey) if they are wacky and unconventional, but to say someone is flaky is not really a compliment.

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