Question: Can you message on eHarmony without paying?

You dont need an eharmony discount code to get free messages and icebreakers in your inbox — such privileges are simply part of a free eharmony account now. With a free account, you can read all your messages and respond to some potential matches without a paid membership or an eharmony free communication weekend.

Can you send messages on eHarmony?

To send a personalized message to another user on eHarmony, visit their profile and click on the Message button. Write your message and then click, send.

How do you message someone on eHarmony?

Match Profile If youve never talked to a match before and would like to message them just go to their profile and click the “Message” button now.

What does the green dot mean on eharmony?

Additionally, The Online Right Now feature lets you see which of your matches have been the most active on eharmony lately and most likely to respond to your messages. Youll be able to tell if your match is online right now by the little green dot next to their picture.

Why am I not getting matches on eHarmony?

If Youre Not Getting Any Matches, Try Increasing Your Distance or Changing Your Preferences. If youre not receiving matches from eharmony every day, it could be a couple of things. The site could be going through some technical difficulties, which is rare, or your search parameters could be too narrow.

What do the 2 check marks mean on eharmony?

If you have sent a message, the check marks indicate the status: If one of the two checks is green, this means that your contact has received the message. If both checks are green, your contact has read the message.

Can you tell if someone has read your message on eharmony?

When you are on the Message tab, when you send communication to a match, you will see a single green checkmark. When the match has read your message, there will be two checkmarks.

How often do I get new matches on eHarmony?

The Site Will Send Matches Every Day After you become a member of eharmony, the site will recommend potential dates and partners on a daily basis. Then you can view the dating profile and decide if youre interested.

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