Question: How do you say hi in hi?

What can I say instead of hello and hi?

synonyms for hellogreetings.hi.howdy.welcome.bonjour.buenas noches.buenos dias.good day.More items

Is Hi slang for hello?

Hi is equivalent to hello, but it is considered a little bit more informal in tone. In fact, it was recorded a lot earlier than hello. Hi developed from the Middle English hy, similar to hey and ha.

What we can say instead of hi?

The Basic “Hello”Hello.This is a classic way to greet someone.Hey man! Hey bro! Hey girl! Hey dude! Hey buddy! Yo!Use slang for a casual hello with close friends and acquaintances, but be careful, not everyone wants to be called “bro” or “girl!”Howdy!People in the South use this as an informal way to say hello.4 more rows•Jan 20, 2020

What does HII mean from a girl?

oh its a french term that means HI I WANT TO F*** YOU. thats just the way people like to text now an day,for example when they say bye they and another e,when they say yes they spell it yess.

How do you say good bye?

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing:Bye!Goodbye!Bye for now!See you! / See ya!Be seeing you!See you soon!Im off.Cheerio!More items

What does XX mean in text?

XX means two kisses. ( As a general rule, an uppercase X represents a big kiss, and a lowercase x is a light kiss (a peck). However, be aware that Xx does not always mean a large kiss and a peck.

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