Question: Why am I not interested in dating right now?

How do you respond to youre not interested in dating?

Here are examples from experts that may work for you:“I enjoyed our dates, but I want to be upfront with you. “You have a lot to offer, but I dont feel you and I are the right fit.”“Its flattering that youre reaching out, but Im in a relationship.”“I want to be straight with you; Im seeing other guys right now.”More items •17 May 2021

How do you tell someone youre not interested right now?

How to Tell Someone Youre Not Interested After a Few DatesThink about why youre not interested. If its a nice person, be polite. Send a text if youre bad with words. Let them know you might not be in the same place as them. Treat them with respect. Make sure to sandwich the rejection with compliments.More items •15 Jun 2018

Is it rude to ignore a DM?

Whether your DM is coming from someone you know or someone youve never met, I got you covered when it comes to sending a nice let-down message. Also remember that if you dont know someone (or even if you do), its always OK to ignore an Instagram message.

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