Question: Who are the married couples from blind date?

Sue Middleton & Alex Tatham (1991) – met on the show in 1988, married in October 1991 and celebrated 25 years together in 2013. They appeared as mystery guests on The Big Fat Quiz of Everything 2019. Lillian Morris & David Fenson (1994) – they married in February 1994 in Tiverton, Devon.

Is Giannina dating anyone Love Is Blind?

Giannina Gibelli revealed where she and Damian Powers stand after meeting on Love Is Blind in 2018. “I am officially single,” Gibelli, 28, told Entertainment Tonight on Monday, August 2, days after the three-episode After the Altar reunion special started streaming on Netflix.

Is Damian with Giannina?

The Love Is Blind stars Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers have gone their separate ways. Damian and I ended our relationship, and I wanted to start traveling and wanted to start experiencing new things, she said in an interview with Insider.

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