Question: What kind of silver is used in Coro Jewelry?

It is made of rose-gold-plated sterling silver edged with diamanté accents. At the center of each side is a row of amethyst-glass navettes topped with a row of diamanté. This Duette, which was created for Coros high-end line, can be worn as a brooch or as separate dress clips.

How do you identify Vendome jewelry?

In identifying costume jewelry by Vendome, you will notice that it is characterized by the use of high-quality materials: silver and gold plated or gold toned metals, crystal faceted beads, Swarovski Crystals and clear and colored Lucite and lustrous faux pearls.

What does BSK on jewelry mean?

The letters BSK stand for the first initials of the three owners: Benny Steinberg, Slovitt and Kaslo. Some designs are above average in looks, particularly those with rhinestones or other colorful stones. BSK jewelry is not particularly expensive to buy and is relatively easy to find.

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