Question: What is Skout premium?

SKOUT Travel is a premium paid feature. Another feature available on SKOUT is Shake to Chat. Shake to Chat connects users to others who are shaking their phones at the same time. User profiles are anonymous for 40 seconds after the Shake to Chat conversation begins.

How do you increase popularity on Skout?

How do I become a Top Streamer on Skout?Average viewership of 500+At least 20k Diamonds.Regular broadcasts of at least 10mins, twice a week.Content that conforms to our Terms of Service.

Where is Skout located?

San Francisco SkoutTypePrivateHeadquartersSan Francisco , United StatesKey peopleChristian Wiklund, (CEO) Niklas Lindstrom, (CTO)ProductsSKOUT Fuse NixterWebsiteskout.com4 more rows

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