Question: How much does an international au pair cost?

What is the average cost of an au pair?

An au pair working around 30-35 hours a week is paid, on average, between $200-$250 a week. This is negotiable between parties. Au pairs are not expected to pay for meals or board out of this wage.

Is being an au pair expensive?

They are cheaper than formal childcare options such as childminders and nursery and the cost is not per child. They can provide some help with the housework, in addition to childcare responsibilities. They are on hand in case of emergency childcare requirements (although they may need to be paid extra for this).

Is an au pair cheaper than daycare?

Pocket money for an au pair starts from around $200 per week and if you go through an au pair agency, youll need to factor in the agency placement fee. Once all the costs are tallied up, hiring an au pair is cheaper than childcare.

What is the age limit for an au pair?

Au Pairs must be: Between 18-and-26-years-old. Capable of fully participating in the program as evidenced by the satisfactory completion of a physical.

Do you cook for your au pair?

However, this is not their primary focus. Theyre there to provide child care, not to be a cook. An au pair is not a servant or an employee who is there to complete whatever tasks you lay out. Instead, theyre essentially a live-in babysitter — even a temporary family member.

Are au pairs safe?

Host families often feel vulnerable when bringing a stranger into their home to care for their children, but au pairs are at risk of being taken advantage of, too—and a good au pair agency will also carefully screen their host families to ensure they can provide a safe and supportive living arrangement.

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