Question: What are ENFJ attracted to?

ENFJs are also attracted to confident people, someone who can hold themselves with a sense of sureness. Witnessing this type of strong and often mysterious demeanor is likely to be very attractive to the ENFJ.

What ENFJ looks for in relationship?

ENFJs and relationships. In a relationship, ENFJs are warm, caring, and focused on their partners individual happiness just as much as their own. They want to see their partner meet his or her goals, and they will do whatever they can to help him or her achieve them.

How do you know if an ENFJ likes you?

When ENFJs like you, they want to know EVERYTHING about you. Imagine yourself sitting across from Oprah every time you go to dinner. Theyll ask you about your favorite movies, books, memories, hopes, dreams. Theyll ask you about when you cried last and why, and what makes you laugh.

How do you impress an ENFJ?

To impress an ENFJ boss, you need to learn their likes and avoid things that disappoint them. Given that these personalities are natural teachers, people who are willing to help others and have great empathy for others, this will not be hard to achieve.

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