Question: How much does it cost to get married in Peru?

The average cost of a wedding in a massive country like Peru is about $7,700 with 151 guests.

How much does a wedding in Peru cost?

The wedding budget is always a big issue. Compared to other destination wedding venues, planning destination weddings in Peru will be cheaper. The average whole wedding cost is estimated at between $20,000 to $25,000. This includes the venue, catering, and other wedding vendors.

What do you need to get married in Peru?

The following documents are required to get married in Peru:A valid passport.A legalized copy of your birth certificate (translated into Spanish).A sworn statement (known locally as a certificado de soltería) stating that you are legally free to marry in Peru.More items

Where can I get married in Peru?

Destination Weddings in Peru: 10 Unique Places to Get MarriedParacas: For a spectacular ocean view. disenatuboda.wp. Mancora: Not just another beach wedding. mayte.weddings. A wedding in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. chiaraminigutti. Cajamarca. Tarapoto. Arequipa. Lima: A countryside wedding. Lima: Escape to the mountains.More items •May 4, 2021

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