Question: Who invented K Ar dating?

During the early 1970s, McDougall, supported by technical help provided by Zarko Roksandic, developed the Ar/Ar method of dating rocks, utilizing the MS10 followed by Page 3 the VG1200 for the isotopic analysis of the extracted argon, after irradiation in the HIFAR nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights, south of Sydney in

Who discovered potassium-argon dating?

J. J. Thomson The history of the K/Ar-method for absolute dating of minerals and rocks is full of surprises and good guesses. The β-activity of potassium was discovered, together with that of rubidium, by J. J. Thomson as early as 1905.

How much BQ is in a banana?

A large banana has an activity of about 18.4 Bq (becquerel, equal to one disintegration or nuclear transformation per sec- ond), or 0.511 nCi (nanocuries).

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