Question: Can you use a turntable without a preamp?

Yes. Powered speakers normally have a LINE or AUX input, so if your turntable does not have a built-in preamp the way to go is to put a standalone preamp between the turntable and the powered speakers. If the turntable has a built-in preamp, it can be connected directly to powered speakers without a standalone preamp.

Will a turntable work without a preamp?

Your turntable will need a preamp if there isnt one included in the turntable. It is not possible to play vinyl records without a preamp included in the system. If your turntable doesnt have a preamp, you can use a separate preamp, or a receiver with a preamp built-in.

Do you need a preamp for a turntable with powered speakers?

Many people that have powered speakers will have their speakers hooked up to a receiver, but they will bypass the amplifier section and only use the preamp output of the receiver. With only one audio source, you dont need a receiver to connect a turntable to speakers, if the speakers are powered.

Can I use powered speakers with a turntable?

It can be hooked up to an amplifier or to powered speakers. But if your turntable does not include a preamp, you will need a standalone preamp, or an amplifier with one built-in. So make sure that your turntable has a built-in preamp and outputs a LINE signal if you want to connect it directly to speakers.

Whats the difference between a preamp and an amplifier?

A preamp simply boosts the signal, whereas an amp has a much wider range of functions, aside from boosting the line signal. For example, an amp can also mute signals, change the balance between channels, add filters and modifiers to the audio signals, and so much more.

Does preamp increase volume?

Does the Pre add more dB or what? Yes, an active preamp is an line level amplifier. You will get a lot more gain from it than just the standard componant line level. You will however NOT get any more power from your amp, so be careful not to overdrive it!

Why is my turntable not loud?

A line level signal is about 100 times stronger than a phono level signal. So when a phono level output on a turntable is connected to a line level input on a receiver, the result is almost no sound at all. The way to fix this is to include a phono preamp that transforms the phono level signal to a line level signal.

What is the difference between a preamp and an amp?

Whereas a preamp strengthens your guitars weak output signal to line level, a power amp boosts that line level signal even more – so that it can be projected through speakers.

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