Question: Who is Jennifer Lopez dating and how old is he?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have made their relationship official on her 52nd birthday.

Who is JLO with right now?

Ben Affleck Pop star-actor Jennifer Lopez has made her relationship with actor-director Ben Affleck Instagram official on her 52nd birthday celebration. The Hollywood couple, who have rekindled their romance after almost 20 years, were regularly spotted by the paparazzi in recent months.

Is JLO still with Ben Affleck?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez reunited in the spring of 2021. Since 2004, theyd both been married, had children, and gotten divorced, and when Lopez dissolved her engagement with former Yankees player Alex Rodriguez at the beginning of the year, both she and Affleck were single at the same time.

How long have JLO and Ben Affleck been together?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are dating almost 20 years after their initial breakup and made their red carpet debut at the Venice International Film Festival. The couple dated for 18 months before suddenly splitting in 2004. Now, theyre back together, and J.Lo just made their relationship Instagram official.

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