Question: Where should I live in St John NB?

Is Nova Scotia bigger than New Brunswick?

Canada is the worlds second-largest country in total area since its territories and provinces cover an area of 3.855 million square miles .The Largest And Smallest Canadian Provinces/Territories By Area.RankProvince or TerritoryLand Area (sq km)10Newfoundland and Labrador373,87211New Brunswick71,45012Nova Scotia53,33813Prince Edward Island5,6609 more rows•8 Aug 2019

What is there to do in downtown Moncton?

13 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in MonctonBay of Fundy Tidal Bore. Bay of Fundy Tidal Bore. Hopewell Rocks. Hopewell Rocks. Magnetic Hill. Magnetic Hill | Benson Kua / photo modified. Magnetic Hill Zoo. Parlee Beach Provincial Park. Bouctouche. Sackville. Cape Enrage.More items •26 Jul 2021

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