Question: How many free themes does WordPress have?

In this article, were going to list out some free responsive WordPress themes to help you create the best website possible. Frankly speaking, you can easily get an unlimited number of free WordPress themes on the internet today. The website itself has 8000+ WordPress themes free.

Are there any free WordPress themes?

OceanWP. OceanWP is one of the best free WordPress themes on the market. Its highly flexible and offers multiple free demo sites that you can easily customize to create your website. You dont need to know any CSS code to change how your site looks.

How many themes WordPress have?

There are more than 11,000 WordPress themes on ThemeForest. [43]

Is WordPress still the best in 2021?

For most people, WordPress is still a great choice. Its simple, powerful, and free. Though it has some shortcomings, you can use plugins to overcome them. With the aging technology of WordPress, it will become obsolete at some point in the future.

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