Question: Is coffee a real date?

A coffee date is ambiguous There might be chemistry and compatibility, yet if the other person gets cold feet, its really easy for them to say it was just coffee. The way to counteract this is to make it clear at the end of the date that it really was a date, or at least the prelude to one.

What do you wear for a coffee date?

A coffee date is meant to be casual, so in winter, a pair of jeans and a knit or long sleeve top could work with a cute scarf or in summer, a sundress or maxi dress will suit the occasion. Flats or shoes with a small heel will work best, particularly if you live in the city.

How do you ask for tea or coffee in English?

Id like a cup of coffee .Accepting OffersThank you.Id love to.Id love some.That would be nice.Thank you. Id like 18 Jul 2019

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