Question: Who is Steve Ward?

Steve Ward is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, combat leader and currently a leadership instructor at Echelon Front. Steve spent almost 30 years in the SEAL Teams with eleven deployments across the globe.

Is Stephen Ward still boxing?

He retired in 2017 after losing the WBC veteran heavyweight championship title to Andreas Sidon. In 2019, The Champ of Champs, a documentary film was produced featuring Wards long involvement in boxing and fight-back against serious injury.

What was Stephen Ward accused of?

Amid a range of rumours of widespread sex scandals in government and high society, the police began to investigate Ward. In June 1963, he was charged with immorality offences and committed to trial.

Did Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies stay friends?

She went on to get a job as a dancer at Murrays Cabaret Club in Soho, which is where she met and became friends with Keeler. During their friendship, Rice-Davies would often visit Keeler at Wards home at Wimpole Mews, and even lived there for a short period in 1962 after Keeler had moved out.

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