Question: How old is Moniece slaughter?

What did Moniece slaughter write for Akon?

Some of her writing credits include Akons “Im So Paid” and “Body” for singer and actor Marques Houston.

What nationality is Nikki Baby?

American Nikki Mudarris/Nationality

How old is Fizz from b2k?

35 years (November 26, 1985) Lil Fizz/Age

Does Moniece slaughter smoke?

Moniece Slaughter took to Instagram to update fans on her journey to quit smoking, revealing that she recently suffered two mini strokes. The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star assured fans that she was OK, but said the pain she was going through was “self-inflicted” because of the many years she was a smoker.

Is AD and Moniece still together?

The couple reconcile in the season finale. M.S. breaks up with A.D. during season five, unable to deal with the drama in her life. Subsequently, A.D. is phased out of the show and does not attend the seasons reunion special, however Moniece reveals that A.D. is still in her life and the two are figuring it out.

Is Alexis sky mixed?

She is of Jamaican descent. For a large part of her childhood, her father was absent from her life, and she was raised by her mother and grandmother alongside her brothers.

What does Nikki Baby do for a living?

TV Personality Entrepreneur Nikki Mudarris/Professions

What is Fizz real name?

Dreux Pierre Frédéric Lil Fizz/Full name

Does Omarion have a child?

A’mei Kazuko Grandberry Megaa Omari Grandberry Omarion/Children

Why did fizz and Moniece break up?

During an interview with Baller Alert, Moniece suggested that the two decided to remove any trace of their relationship from social media because of the legal stipulations between Apryl and Omarions on-going custody battle.

Who is Alexis Baby Daddy 2020?

Brandon Medford After years of claiming Rapper Fetty Wap was the father of her child Alaiya Grace, today the IG Model Alexis Skyy revealed Brandon Medford is the real father.

Who is Alexis sky real baby daddy?

Brandon Medford It was later revealed that the father of the child is celebrity car broker “Brandon Medford”. In 2019, She dated rapper Trouble. In 2021, she confirmed her childs father is Brandon Medford, a business man.

Is Fizz mixed?

Frédéric was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in Los Angeles, California. He is of Louisiana Creole heritage.

How old is Apryl Jones?

34 years (December 15, 1986) Apryl Jones/Age

Is Omarion a twin?

Omarion and His Brother ORyan Look like Twins as They Groove Together in a Video. Famous singer Omarion took in some sunlight with his younger brother, ORyan. The brothers vibed to a medley of songs in what appeared to be Omarions yard, and they looked terrific.

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