Question: What is the average age of a brony?

While many think the main demographic is teenagers, the average age of a Brony is 21 years old. 3. Over half of all Bronies are from the United States, with no other country even making up 6% of the Brony population.

What state has the most bronies?

In the United States, Utah has the most Bronies per capita with 9 out of every 100,000 people being a Brony.

Why do Bronies exist?

The reasons why people enjoy brony fandom are complex, in part because of the gender assumptions surrounding the show and its intended audience. The cartoon, as well as its values (caring, generosity, and kindness), is widely seen as being for girls, so men who like it often are mocked as feminine or childish.

Will the brony fandom end?

The products Facebook page, which includes fans of the cartoons, toys and merchandise, announced to its more than 1 million followers that the shows ninth season, set to air in 2019, will be the last.

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