Question: Is MoMo a dating site?

Many may know dating app Momo Inc. (Nasdaq: MOMO) for its moniker as the “Tinder of China,” due to its primary function as a place for people to hook up online.

What does Momo company do?

Company Description operates as a mobile-based social networking platform. The platform includes Momo mobile application and related features, functionalities, tools and services that are provided to users, customers and platform partners. It offerings includes live video, value added and mobile game services.

Should I invest in Momo?

Great news for investors – Momo is still trading at a fairly cheap price according to my price multiple model, where I compare the companys price-to-earnings ratio to the industry average. This is based on its high beta, which is a good indicator for share price volatility.

What is Momo stock?

The 5-Minute Momo looks for a momentum or momo burst on very short-term (5-minute) charts. First, traders lay on two technical indicators that are available with many charting software packages and platforms: the 20-period exponential moving average (EMA) and moving average convergence divergence (MACD).

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