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How do I cancel boundaries?

When the Settings page pulls up, click where it says “Payment Info” in the top right, and youll see the option to remove your payment card and cancel your subscription by clicking on the red text, or by clicking the red “Cancel” button next to the icon.

What are the results of transform boundaries?

The grinding action between the plates at a transform plate boundary results in shallow earthquakes, large lateral displacement of rock, and a broad zone of crustal deformation. Perhaps nowhere on Earth is such a landscape more dramatically displayed than along the San Andreas Fault in western California.

How does it look like transform boundaries?

Transform boundaries are where two of these plates are sliding alongside each other. The most famous example of a transform boundary is the San Andreas Fault in California. The west side of California is moving north, and the east side is moving south.

What are some examples of transform boundaries?

The most famous example of this is the San Andreas Fault Zone of western North America. The San Andreas connects a divergent boundary in the Gulf of California with the Cascadia subduction zone. Another example of a transform boundary on land is the Alpine Fault of New Zealand.

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