Question: Who owns Hi-5?

Who owns Hi5 software?

hi5show ScreenshotAvailable inMultilingualOwnerThe Meet GroupFounder(s)Ramu YalamanchiURLsecure.hi5.com6 more rows

Is Hi5 still going?

Harris and Graeme-Evans ended their involvement with the series in 2008 when the program was sold to Southern Star and the Nine Network. The final episode of Hi-5 aired 16 December 2011 as a result of the Nine Network selling the property in 2012.

Why did Tim leave Hi-5?

Tim Harding. After being forced to leave Hi-5 in 2007 due to “horrific injuries” sustained from a motorcycle accident, Tim is still performing music solo and with his band Soultraders.

Who started the High 5?

Derek Smith 1, 1980, about a burgeoning fad called the high five and the man who apparently invented it, Derek Smith.

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