Question: Is there a tinder for cuddling?

Scrolling around Charlie Williamss new app, Cuddlr — proudly billed as the “Tinder for cuddling” — you get the sense that maybe Williams hasnt spent a whole lot of time online.

Is there a dating app for cuddling?

Cuddlr is an app that matches you with people nearby who just want to cuddle. It works like most dating programs: you have a profile with your name and photo and you can send cuddle requests to people in your area. The recipient of said cuddle request then has 15 minutes to accept or reject you.

Is there an app to find a cuddle buddy?

Cuddlr is a sex-free Tinder-style app created to facilitate random cuddles with nearby snuggle-seekers. The app launched on Sept. 11 allows users to set their hug preferences, including whether they like to be the big or little spoon to ensure they are matched with nearby huggers of similar tastes.

What is a snuggle buddy?

A friend or acquaintance whom you engage in the act of cuddling with.

Is there a difference between cuddling and snuggling?

One of the major differences between a cuddle and snuggle is cuddling is not a physical act of affection whereas snuggling happens more often between couples who have increased levels of sexual desire.

What is a snuggle bunny?

(US, idiomatic) A romantic partner, child, pet, stuffed animal, etc. which is an object of affection and which provides comfort through physical contact. noun.

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