Question: What are the benefits of joining Elite singles?

Premium membership includes unlimited site communication, and allows the viewing of all profile photos on peoples profiles. Premium membership gives more features, offering a more in-depth personality profile, read receipts for messages, and the ability to search through other profiles via the Have you met… feature.

What is basic membership on elite singles?

Basic membership: Our Basic membership is intended to let users to try out to sites basic features. It allows you to take the personality test and view your profile, view partner suggestions, and have limited communication with other members.

Does EliteSingles have a one month membership?

Key Elite Singles Cost Details This is a one-month membership and saves you about 50% from the normal monthly price. The Premium Light Membership is $57.95 per month. This plan is paid as a lump-sum of $173.85 and gives you three months access to ALL premium features.

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