Question: Where is Kingdom FM based?

Kingdom FM is an Independent Local Radio station serving Fife. It is locally owned and operated and broadcasts from studios at Elizabeth House in Kirkcaldy.

Where is wave FM based?

Based in a studio complex at Segensworth East, on the outskirts of Fareham, the station broadcasts on 105.2 MHz (South Hampshire, Isle of Wight, West Sussex and Wiltshire) and 105.8 MHz (East Dorset) FM, as well as on DAB digital radio and online.

Which country made FM?

13. Norways Culture Ministry estimated that it would save 180 million kroner a year, or about $25 million. FM broadcasting originated in the United States in the 1930s and arrived in Norway in the 1950s.

What is the frequency of Kingdom FM?

Kingdom FM 107.7, Accra, Kingdom FM 100.1, Kumasi and Kingdom FM 107.5 in Takoradi all subsidiaries of Unique Kingdom Communication Limited were simultaneously launched.

What station is pure Radio Scotland?

If you are in the Tayside, you can now hear Pure Radio on 102FM in and around Dundee. If youre in and around Perth, youll find us on 106.6FM. Make sure to have AF selected on your car so the radio switches to the right frequency as you drive around Scotland.

What happened Wave FM?

Wave FM was a radio station broadcasting to the cities of Dundee and Perth, Scotland. In June 2020 the Wave FM branding was removed and replaced by Pure Radio coming soon messages. Pure Radio replaced Wave FM on the 6th July 2020. Wave FM closed in July 2020 and was replaced by Pure Radio.

What station is pure radio on?

This station has more than one FM frequency in its broadcast area of Dundee and Perth .Listen to Pure Radio Tayside on FM.FM102.0 MHzFM106.6 MHz

Why is AM radio not used?

The decline in AM audio was due more to regulation than to method of modulation. One aspect of radio not understood by most listeners is the concept of occupied bandwidth, or the amount of spectrum that a station uses to transmit its signal. It displays signals within a specified range of frequencies.

Why does FM sound better than DAB?

A little bit of the audio quality is lost when broadcasting a digital signal. Thats not the case with FM. FM can therefore sometimes sound slightly better than DAB when its working perfectly. Its got more stations, a more reliable signal, and is generally a more modern way of tuning in.

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