Question: What is a best friend sister?

Can you call your best friend your sister?

If youre truly lucky in life, you will find a best friend that you can call a sister. Yes, you can be so close with your BFF that shes basically family. If youve got a bestie that youre connected to for life, youll totally understand these things to be true.

Is it normal to be best friends with your sister?

Sisters are bound together by family and are stuck with each other for life. Its not a given that your sister will turn out to be your best friend, but when it does happen, consider yourself very lucky. The sister best friendship is a magical relationship. Sometimes, theyre not friends at all.

What bestie means?

your best friend Your bestie is your best friend. [informal] She spent the day hanging out with her bestie.

How did bestie start?

One of the earliest instances of the word bestie as a meme came about when Dixie DAmelio used the word to describe Noah Beck. When the TikTok-famous couple was spotted together in August 2020, a paparazzo remarked that they make a beautiful couple. “A couple of besties,” DAmelio responded as Beck laughed.

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