Question: Is Couples Therapy on Showtime real couples?

A compelling documentary deep dive into the world of relationship counseling, COUPLES THERAPY chronicles four real-life couples from varying backgrounds as they expose their intimacy issues to the compassion and clarity of therapist, Dr. Orna Guralnik.

Who is the therapist in Couples Therapy on Showtime?

Dr. Orna Guralnik Showtime has handed an extended third-season renewal to Couples Therapy, the docuseries featuring psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Orna Guralnik.

Is Blue therapy a scripted show?

“A lot of people want it to be completely scripted, but its not completely controlled, its just reality TV.” Indeed, some level of fabrication goes into every reality show; its a suspension of disbelief that sees us nod along as the cast ask for privacy from their therapist, while being filmed for millions.

What kind of dog is Nico on couples therapy?

Alaskan Klee Kai Arguably, the breakout star of the show is Guralniks dog, Nico. An Alaskan Klee Kai – which is a miniature version of a Husky – the pup greets each client and makes them feel at ease. I bring her to the office almost every day, Guralnik tells us.

How old is the therapist in couples therapy?

With her background in film and psychology, 55-year-old Guralnik was fascinated by the project from a theoretical standpoint. Could the therapeutic process, so intensely private, be captured on camera with the knowledge that it would later be shown to millions?

Are Paul and Chioma still together?

Blue Therapy saw Paul sit down with girlfriend Chioma to work through their relationship issues in therapy sessions. Unfortunately, the therapy wasnt enough to save Paul and Chiomas relationship as they split soon after filming.

Are Chioma and Paul together?

With Chioma and I, we have our own relationship. Thats that, he said. We have our own understanding of how we kind of handle our relationship, it is what it is. We have a relationship.

Will couples counseling work?

The bottom line. Marriage/couples counseling can help you work through conflicts and strengthen your bond. Its most likely to be successful when both partners are willing and committed to the process. And online therapy can be as effective as in-person counseling.

What is Paul from Blue Therapy Instagram?

Paul Bridges (@mrpaulbridges) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who is Paul Bridges?

Paul Bridges is an actor and producer, known for Shading Betrayal (2014), Essential Travel (2013)

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