Question: Where did the phrase factor 50 come from?

Factor 50. The phrase is in reference to the sun cream and is used to describe someone who is trying too hard. Factor 50 was heavily used in season four of the ITV2 reality series to explain how contestants should not behave.

What is factor 50 British slang?

Meaning: To lay on the charm (verb) Several of the islanders have used the phrase to describe the intensity of their romantic behaviour towards other contestants. Example: I like her - Im going to lay it on Factor 50

Do bits British slang?

Coined by Love Island 2018s Wes Nelson, the Do Bits term describes the act of getting intimate with someone but not having sex.

Whats a dead Ting mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, dead ting is defined as: A person who is boring and is extremely dull. For example, John: The girl was trying to link me yesterday…shes a proper dead ting.

What does bits mean in the UK?

​ bits. [plural] (British English, informal) a persons sexual organs.

Do the Irish say bloody?

Bloody: Bloody is a mild profanity in British and Irish English. Avoid saying it in polite society.

Where did the term Fanny flutters come from?

“Fanny” may be a euphemism for “butt” stateside, but in the U.K., its shorthand for vag. To have “fanny flutters” ― a phrase popularized by Irish bad girl Maura in Season 5 ― is to feel so turned on by someone, you feel all tingly down there.

Whats a Meady Ting?

ccording to Urban Dictionary, “dead ting” is a girl or boy whom does “not look very good”. Picture: ITV. “But I can physically see that I am better than her in every sense of the word.” The phrase can also be used to describe an object, moment or occasion as “boring” or “uninteresting”.

What does a dead 10 mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, a dead ting is a person who is “boring” and “extremely dull.”

Can a boy be a Peng Ting?

Um, it it it genuinely means like good-looking, and you can use it for people, like if you saw a boy or a girl that you thought was good-looking, a lot of my friends would say ah shes peng or hes peng. You can use it for food, you can use it for anything.

What does bits and bobs mean?

Neil: In English, we use bits and bobs to mean small things, or many different types of little jobs.

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