Question: Who is Floyd dating now?

Who is Mayweather dating today?

Floyd Mayweather is currently dating Anna Monroe, the head exotic dancer at his Las Vegas club, Girl Collection. Monroe was born on August 17, 1992, and works as an influencer, exotic dancer, model, and entrepreneur in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who dated Mayweather 2021?

Floyd Mayweathers Girlfriend Gallienne Nabila Rocks Massive Diamond Ring On Engagement Finger.

Was Mayweather married to Shantel Jackson?

Money Floyd Mayweather met his ex-fiance Shantel Jackson in 2006. The then-21-year-old Jackson was working as a hostess in Atlanta. The two spent years together and got engaged in 2010.

When did Shantel Jackson break up with Floyd Mayweather?

April 2013 In early April 2013, after continued difficulties between them, Jackson decided to end her relationship with Mayweather and moved to Los Angeles.

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