Question: Why did Mario and Pascal break up?

As fans of TOWIE will know, Mario and Lucy split in April after she found out he had cheated on her and not for the first time. During their two year relationship - which also included a short-lived engagement - they both admitted to cheating on each other.

Who is Pascal Craymer?

Pascal Craymer was born April 10, 1987, in Essex and the 31-year-old is best known for her stint on Towie. The former Team GB Olympic athlete has had a string of high-profile romances including her former Towie co-star Mario Falcone and ex-England Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole.

Who is Mario Falcone dating?

Becky Miesner (2016–) Mario Falcone/Partner

Who committed suicide Towie?

star Mick Norcross Former The Only Way is Essex star Mick Norcross cause of death was confirmed on Wednesday at an inquest held virtually by Essex Coroners Court. The inquest heard that Mick died by suicide at home in Bulphan, Essex, with police and paramedics attending to the scene. He was 57.

How long has Giovanna and Tom Fletcher been together?

They have been together ever since, marrying in 2012 and becoming parents to three kids together.

What is Charlie from Towie doing now?

Since the show, Charlie has revealed that he is the founder and director of a group called Huge Project. He also previously revealed via social media that he is an agent with his bio reading: “Professional Boxing Agent and founder of Prime Media Group, Prime Hospitality Group and Prime Auto Group.”

Has Nick Norcross died?

Deceased (1963–2021) Mick Norcross/Living or Deceased

Who has died from Love Island?

Have the deaths of Sophie, Mike, and Caroline taught us nothing? they added, referring to former contestants Sophie Gradon, Mike Thalassitis and ex-host Caroline Flack. All three died by suicide, although their deaths were not linked to the show or social media trolling.

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