Question: Can you be anonymous on dating sites?

Your profile on a dating app or website can easily be seen by hundreds of people (whether or not you match), and theres absolutely no guarantee that all of these people are genuine. For this reason, its always best to keep your profile as anonymous as possible until after youve got to know a potential match.

Do you have to use your real name on dating sites?

Make sure you do not use any aspect of your real name, or any other personally identifiable such as birthdates- even birth years. Your username can be searched, and anything tied to that username can come up easily.

Do you use your real name on Eharmony?

Never include your last name, email address, home address, telephone number, place of work or any other identifying information in your profile or email messages during early communication. You can use our secure eharmony Messaging process to protect your identity.

Do you use your real name on match?

Again, has stopped letting people choose any username they want — for safety reasons — so it should be either your first name or a nickname. Do not include your last name. If you put in something thats not a name, you could risk being reported or even removed from the membership base.

Are there fake profiles on eHarmony?

eHarmony requires a particular commitment and not just in terms of your time. If you want to unlock all of the options, youll have to pay a membership fee. But we assure you that eHarmony is a legit website, and there arent any fake profiles. Keep reading to learn more about the matching process.

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