Question: Is Tender good for dating?

Is tender a good idea?

Another thing to consider is that tender offers are a great way to exercise your options if you want to exit your company to grow your career. Either way, tender offers—even if theyre not in the news—are an incredible way to expand your personal wealth and make sure you get the most out of your stock options.

What happens if I dont participate in a tender offer?

If you do not tender shares in the tender offer, those shares will be cashed out in connection with the merger and you should receive payment for those shares, generally within 7-10 business days after the merger.

What happens if you dont accept a tender offer?

If you reject the tender offer or miss the deadline, you get nothing. You still have your 1,000 shares of Company ABC and can sell them to other investors in the broader stock market at whatever price happens to be available.

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