Question: Whats BK mean?

What BK mean in text?

Summary of Key Points. Burger King is the most common definition for BK on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. BK. Definition: Burger King.

What is BK stand for?

AcronymDefinitionBKBrooklynBKBikeBKBankruptcy (banking industry)BKBrook54 more rows

What is BK on Snapchat?

What Does BK Mean on Snapchat? BK means “Bad Kid,” as well as “Burger King”

What does BK mean in New York?

Because you cant just put “Brooklyn” in front of a business anymore. Its got to look just as cool as the place itself. First, lets start with the most classic and minimal of all abbreviations, the simple “BK”: BK Live: A new weekday program from Brooklyn Independent Media, operated out of the BRIC House.

What does BK stand for in Olympics?

The Boxing Kangaroo is not aligned to any particular sport and, although he has been adopted as the official mascot for the Australian Olympic Team, BK can be seen at any sporting event, and many cultural ones, where Australia is participating.

What does BK mean in college?

Abbreviations, Acronyms, and CodesCodeExplanationBABachelor of Arts CoursesBABusiness, Smeal College of (college/premajor code)BCBehrend (college code)BKBerks (campus code)205 more rows

What does BK mean in rap?

“Representing BK to the fullest” – The Notorious B.I.G., Unbelievable.

What country is PUR short for?

Commonwealth of Independent States Country AbbreviationsANHNetherlands AntillesKENCISCommonwealth of Independent StatesPURCMRCameroonRHOCOLColombiaROMCROCroatiaRSA44 more rows

What does MAS mean in slang?

Summary of Key PointsMASDefinition:Mildly Amused SmirkType:AbbreviationGuessability:2: Quite easy to guessTypical Users:Adults and Teenagers

What does MAS stand for in Olympics?

Anguilla Abbreviation codes for the Olympic countriesCountries SportsANGAngolaMAWAIAAnguillaMASANTAntigua & BarbudaMDV121 more rows

What country does Urs stand for?

the former Soviet Union URS may refer to: The ISO 3166-1 3-letter country code for the former Soviet Union. The IOC country code for the former Soviet Union. The United Regions of Serbia, a political coalition.

What country is MRI in Olympics?

Mauritius Mauritius. Olympic Analytics/MRI.

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