Question: Who is the CEO of Bumble?

How much is Whitney herd worth?

1.3 billion USD (2021) Whitney Wolfe/Net worth

How did Whitney Herd meet her husband?

Wolfe Herd married Texas oil heir Michael Herd in an elegant three-day ceremony on Italys Amalfi Coast in 2017, per Vogue. The couple first met while skiing in Aspen in 2013, but Wolfe Herd first saw him on a dating app. He has the kind of face you remember, she told The Telegraph.

Why did Whitney herd leave tinder?

Between Tinder and Bumble Wolfe Herd resigned from Tinder in April 2014 due to growing tensions with other company executives. On June 30th she filed a lawsuit against Tinder for sexual harassment. She reportedly received more than US$1 million as well as stock as part of a settlement in September 2014.

Did Whitney Wolfe start Tinder?

Before Bumble, she was among the founding team at Tinder but after tensions with other executives - one of whom she had been dating - she left. Shortly after, she launched a sexual harassment case. Tinders parent company, Match Group Inc, denied the claims but paid around $1m to settle the dispute.

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