Question: What are the long distance relationship bracelet?

Its actually called Pillow Talk (approximately $172), and it combines the long-distance heartbeat monitors with a speaker that goes under your pillows so you can hear each others heartbeat when youre sleeping. You each wear a wristband to bed so Pillow Talk can send real-time heartbeats.

How far away do Bond Touch bracelets work?

10 ft Your bracelet and smartphone are connected through Bluetooth® LE technology and should stand a range of up to 10 ft (3m).

What is a relationship bracelet?

With a wide variety of options suitable for every style and budget, couple bracelets are the accessory to help link you and your special person together forever. Even better, you can choose to wear a matching set or customize each bracelet with one anothers name.

Are bond touch bracelets worth it?

Amazing product. Me and my girlfriend love these, and it really makes us feel closer. We live 8 hours apart, and whenever I feel the little buzz from this bracelet it makes her feel just that much closer. Its an amazing product, and really does make us feel closer.

Are Bond touches worth it?

If youre looking for a sweet way to enrich your long-distance love affair, this could be worth the investment. Even if nothing replaces the touch of the person you adore, this comes closer than a phone call.

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