Question: Is Jacksonville good for dating?

The city scored just 41.3 out of 100 points — judged on categories like “dating economics,” “romance and fun,” and “dating opportunities.” In those individual categories, Jacksonville ranked 70, 110 and 124, respectively, according to the WalletHub ranking that calculated them.

Is Jacksonville good for singles?

Singles in Jacksonville may have a harder time finding love than their counterparts in most other cities. The River City ranks No. 123 out of 150 metropolises in WalletHubs list of 2015s best and worst places for dating. Jacksonvilles dismal score isnt the worst among Florida cities.

Where do singles go in Jacksonville?

The 15 Best Places That Are Good for Singles in JacksonvilleAlewife Craft Beer Bottle Shop & Tasting Room. 1035 Park St (5 points), Jacksonville, FL. Wicked Barley. 100 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL. Intuition Ale Works (Bay St) 929 E Bay St, Jacksonville, FL. The Bearded Pig. Keg & Coin. The Volstead. Sidecar. Fuji Sushi.More items

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