Question: Why do women pretend to be strong and independent?

Why do girls like to pretend?

He said most ladies pretend even if they seriously love their partner because they want to test the level of love, patience, maturity and understanding of the person so as not to fall into the wrong hands. Some men also pretend so that the woman should know that they are important, so it is all about love,” he said.

Why does she pretend not to care?

So if she feels like you dont care, because of the abundance of mixed signals and unanswered texts, then shes going to act like she doesnt care, either. Because shes sick of one-sided love. Shes tired of putting in effort that isnt going to be reciprocated. Shes done doing more than her fair share.

Is it bad to pretend to love someone?

Its usually not a good thing to pretend youre in love. You might be leading someone on, or you might be lying to your friends and family. But, whatever the case, try to cause the least amount of heartbreak to the people around you- be considerate!

How do you know if a pretend girl likes you?

How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Pretends To Hate YouShe Acts Like She Doesnt Care But She Does. She Wont Respond When You Mention Other Girls Names. She Likes Almost All Your Social Media Posts But Never Gives Any Comment And Bait You. She Secretly Looks At You When You Are Busy But Acts Like Shes Not Looking.More items

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