Question: What is the population of Lisdoonvarna?

What is the population of the Burren?

On Census Day (27 March 2011) the usually resident population of Warrenpoint / Burren Settlement was 8,732 accounting for 0.48% of the NI total.

Is the Burren man made?

The rocks that make up the Burren were all formed during the Carboniferous period between 359 and 299 million years ago. The limestones were deposited slowly over a very long period of time, around 20 million years and much of the rock is actually made up of little bits of broken fossils.

How old is Burren?

approximately 350 million years ago The Burren is underlain by limestones of the Lower Carboniferous (Visean) period. The limestone formed as sediments in a tropical sea which covered most of Ireland approximately 350 million years ago.

Why is the Burren so special?

The Burren is renowned for its remarkable assemblage of plants and animals, and over 70% of Irelands species of flowers are found there. The region supports Arctic–alpine and Mediterranean Basin plants side-by-side, due to the unusual environment.

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