Question: How do you date someone in Hogwarts mystery?

Once the waiting time is over, proceed to the Three Broomsticks to meet Bill. Upon arriving, youll be able to interact with some of the characters before continuing. Youll then join Bill and get the option to ask him a dating-related question.

How do you date someone in Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery?

InformationGo to Potions Class (Potions Classroom)Go to Flying Class (Training Grounds)Study with friends (Library)Go to lunch (Courtyard)Hide out (Corridor)Go to the Courtyard (Courtyard)Meet Bill (Great Hall)Get dating advice (Three Broomsticks)

Can you have romantic relationships in Hogwarts mystery?

Fortunately, it appears they may be allowed to romance other students they meet at Hogwarts, but its going to take some serious time investment. Its purely logistical: Your witch or wizard starts the game attending their first year at Hogwarts. That means theyre 11-years-old when the game begins.

Can you date Talbott in Hogwarts mystery?

Talbott is the only potential date in the First Date achievement quest who could not go to the Celestial Ball with them. It is possible for Jacobs sibling and Talbott to have the same Animagus form - an eagle (however, Jacobs sibling can also have a cat or a dog Animagus).

Which tree does Rowan miss the most?

Question: Know what tree I miss the most?Best Answer: Hawthorn.OK Answer: Hornbeam.Wrong Answer: Horklump.31 May 2018

What happens if you tell Talbott you fancy him?

If you fancy Talbott, it is recommended to pick the first option. Otherwise, you can go with whichever one you want. After that, youll need to cast the Memory Charm and see if it works.

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